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Dig it, tow it, move it, mow it, - you name it. Get the job done right with an LS Tractor.

At SteveCo Power, we want to help you take care of your big outdoor projects at an affordable cost. That’s why we’ve partnered with LS Tractors.

Their tractors help you do more for less.

Why LS Tractors?


More Tractor for Your Money.

No one gives you more bang for your buck—and not just on horsepower. With our Honest Pricing policy, there are no hidden costs. You get more of the features you want without paying extra for expensive options.


#1 in Overall Satisfaction.

Selected as Best Tractor Manufacturer for 5 consecutive years by dealers offering various brands. LS Tractor ranks first in Overall Satisfaction, Product Availability, Parts Availability, and Dealer Needs.


Exceptional Warranty.

Unlike others, LS Tractor provides a six-year limited powertrain warranty, covering parts and labor, on most tractors, plus a two-year bumper-to-bumper protection with no deductible or extensive exclusions.


Financing Options.

Easily join the LS Tractor family by applying for pre-approved financing today.

LS Tractors Available


Sub Compact Tractors

The MT1 sub-compact tractor incorporates a user-friendly, ergonomic design into a robust and quality tractor. The MT1 standard features provide an exceptional operator experience in a variety of applications.


Compact Tractors

The MT2 and MT3 Series provide four different horsepower models featuring both cab and ROPS options. These models are available with gear drive or hydrostatic transmissions. All models feature an ergonomic design, making this a truly premium tractor. Hydrostatic cab models feature the all-new Servo HST with Pedal Link.


Utility Tractors

The top-of-the-line MT7 Semi-Powershift Series is available with 101 horsepower and includes an ergonomic and spacious cab. Premium features such as a standard instructor’s seat, Goodyear LSW tires, two rear remotes, and superior lift capacities for both the front loader and three-point hitch come standard with the tractor.

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Your Local Lancaster County LS Tractor Dealer!

LS Tractors, a prominent name in the world of agricultural equipment, boasts a rich history, a commitment to development, and a reputation for providing exceptional value to its customers. Founded in South Korea, LS Tractors has evolved into a global brand with a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.
The story of LS Tractors dates back to 1977 when the company was established as LG Tractors in South Korea. Initially, LG Tractors manufactured a range of machinery, including tractors, for domestic and international markets. However, it wasn't until the early 1990s that the company shifted its primary focus to the production of tractors under the LS brand.
In the decades that followed, LS Tractors made significant strides in the development of agricultural machinery. They dedicated substantial resources to research and development, resulting in cutting-edge technologies and innovative designs. This commitment to innovation led to the production of highly efficient, reliable, and versatile tractors that met the evolving needs of farmers around the world.
One key factor that contributed to the success of LS Tractors was its association with the LG Group, a renowned conglomerate with a global reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. This association lent credibility to the LS Tractors brand and facilitated its expansion into international markets.
LS Tractors' dedication to excellence did not go unnoticed. The company garnered numerous accolades and design awards for its innovative tractor models. These awards not only celebrated their commitment to quality but also solidified their position as a leading player in the industry.
LS Tractors places a strong emphasis on providing exceptional value to its customers. This value proposition is evident in several aspects of their products and services:
  1. Extended Warranty: LS Tractors offers a six-year limited powertrain warranty on most of the tractors it sells, including parts and labor. This warranty, combined with a two-year bumper-to-bumper protection, provides customers with peace of mind and demonstrates the brand's confidence in the durability of its products.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: LS Tractor USA consistently ranks as number one in overall satisfaction, product availability, parts availability, and dealer needs. This commitment to customer service ensures that LS Tractor owners receive the support and assistance they need, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  3. Quality and Innovation: LS Tractors' dedication to quality and innovation results in top-quality, high-value tractors. These machines are built to meet the demands of modern agriculture, delivering superior performance and efficiency.
  4. Global Reach: With its extensive dealer network, LS Tractors ensures that customers never have to go far to access quality service and genuine parts. This global presence reinforces their commitment to customer support.
In summary, LS Tractors has carved a remarkable path in the agricultural equipment industry through its history of innovation, development, and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional value to its customers. With a global presence, a strong reputation, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, LS Tractors continues to be a trusted choice for farmers worldwide, enabling them to meet the challenges of modern agriculture with confidence and efficiency.

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