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Are you tired of using an unreliable mower with below-average performance? Maybe it's time to consider upgrading your equipment.

At SteveCo Power, we want to help you create a distinguished lawn with comfort and efficiency. That’s why we’ve partnered with Toro.

Their mowers are engineered to prioritize comfort, making your mowing experience not just efficient, but also enjoyable.

Why Toro Mowers?

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MyRIDE® Comfort System

Toro’s got your back. Literally. Their patented MyRIDE® Suspension System features a suspended, fully-floating rear and front shock adjustable operator platform that takes the bumps so your body doesn’t. With MyRIDE, the best seat in the house is actually in the yard.

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IronForged® Decks

Built to Last. Get years of reliability and top performance with the IronForged® Deck, a 10-gauge high-strength fabricated steel deck shell, reinforced leading-edge across the entire deck, huge 6-inch spindles, and belts reinforced with bulletproof material.

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Built With ProDNA

The same, commercial-grade DNA that professionals rely on courses through the veins of every mower Toro builds - giving you lawn-dominating power, durability, and precision to get the job done quicker and right the first time.


Super Charged Clippings

Vortex Technology provides more airflow to supercharge your grass cutting. The ultra-fine clippings created by Toro's Recycler® Mulching System become Lawn Vitamins™, nourishing your grass and cultivating a greener, more lush lawn.


Pick Your Pace

Self-propel mowers that adjust to you - no knobs, no levers, no messing around. Grab the easy-to-steer handle and go with Personal Pace® Auto-Drive.


Recycler® Cutting System

Don't just cut your grass — nourish it with Toro's Recycler Technology. Slice and dice those grass clippings into tiny pieces and return that nutrition back to your lawn. With a Recycler, a healthy, green, lawn has never been easier.

Toro Mowers Available


Zero Turn Mowers

Unleash these vigorous powerhouses on your lawn with MyRIDE® Suspension, professional features, and rugged durability.


Stand on Mowers

The Toro GrandStand combines the speed and comfort of a zero-turn rider with the on-and-off ease of a wide area walk-behind — creating a fast, maneuverable, and more productive alternative.


Walk Behind Mowers

When you have a big yard and a busy schedule, you need Toro’s TimeMaster® on your side. With a 30-inch cutting width, it cuts a wider path on every pass than a traditional small-area walk-behind, so you can finish mowing faster.

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Your Local Lancaster County Toro Mower Dealer!

Toro mowers have a rich history of innovation and quality in lawn care. Since 1914, Toro has been a leader in outdoor power equipment, helping people achieve beautiful lawns.
It all began in Minneapolis when Toro started making engines for Bull Tractor Company. By 1921, they'd developed their first motorized lawn mower, setting the stage for their journey in the lawn care industry.
Over the years, Toro kept pushing boundaries. In 1948, they introduced a mower with a mulching blade, changing how people managed grass. They didn't just cut grass; they left finely shredded clippings as natural fertilizer.
In the '60s, Toro brought self-propelled mowers like the Toro Whirlwind, making lawn care easier. They also launched the Toro Snow Hound snow blower, known for its reliability.
In the '80s, Toro catered to pros with the Groundsmaster, their first commercial zero-turn mower. They were now serving both homeowners and professionals.
In the '90s, Toro's focus on sustainability led to the Recycler mower with a Recycling Cutting System. It finely chopped clippings and spread them evenly for healthier grass.
The 21st century saw Toro embracing battery-powered tech with the e-Cycler and e-Cycler Cordless mowers. These eco-friendly options showcased Toro's adaptability.
Toro mowers are trusted for their durability, precision, and ease of use. The TURBO FORCE® deck ensures a clean, even cut every time.
One of Toro's strengths is versatility. They offer models for small residential lawns to vast commercial properties. You get the right tool for your job.
Toro's commitment to sustainability is a big plus. Their mowers reduce emissions, noise, and fuel consumption, making lawn care greener.
Toro mowers are also known for user-friendliness and ergonomic features. The MyRIDE® Suspension System ensures comfort during long hours of mowing.
Toro's Horizon Technologies make lawn care smarter and more connected. Remote monitoring and diagnostics help optimize mowing operations.
In sum, Toro mowers are a history of innovation and quality. They've come a long way from 1914, offering a wide range of models, advanced tech, and eco-friendliness. Toro isn't just about mowing grass; it's about delivering an exceptional mowing experience.

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