Stinger QA3000 30″ Stand-On Aerator

The QA3000 Aerator features a fully hydraulic direct tine drive, eliminating chains and sprockets, reducing maintenance, and providing superior performance and unmatched efficiency with the ability to cover up to 2 acres per hour, making quick work of expansive landscapes.


Powered by a 22 HP Kawasaki® engine and completely driven by hydraulics, the Quad-Aer 3000 30-inch aerator maximizes efficiency and productivity, giving you complete confidence in your equipment. With a top ground speed of up to 7 MPH, it has the ability to cover up to 2 acres per hour and makes quick work of expansive landscapes. The hydrostatic direct-tine drive completely eliminates the hassle and maintenance of its chain-driven counterparts, so you can direct all of your focus and attention on the task at hand, and not waste any unnecessary time maintaining or repairing your equipment. With an aerating depth of up to four inches, it maximizes its effectiveness and ensures your soil will be gaining the much-needed oxygen and nutrients for the following season.

The 30″ seed box is an optional attachment for the QA3000 stand-on aerator that transforms your aerator into an all-purpose overseeder. With no levers or cables and fully digital controls, the installation is as easy as bolting the seedbox to the aerator, plugging in the power wires, and spending the rest of your day transforming your lawns. The seedbox is mounted directly in front of the tines and is designed to drop the seeds straight down to ensure you achieve maximum results from overseeding. With a 50-pound capacity, you can spend hours overseeding your lawns without any interruptions, enhancing your efficiency and increasing your productivity. The digital controls optimize convenience, providing an easy way to adjust the overseeding rate and offering an automatic on/off mode as well as a manual on/off mode, allowing you to customize the operations to your specific requirements.

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