Echo SRM-3020T String Trimmer

When the job calls for long days, tall grass, and high temperatures, the pros reach for the high-torque SRM-3020T straight-shaft string trimmer. Its Speed-Feed® 500 cutting head, ergonomic designs, and easy, reliable starting inspire confidence and increase productivity.

Power Rating

30.5 CC

Limited Warranty

5 Years


With a 30.5 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine, the SRM-3020T straight-shaft string trimmer features a 2:1 high-torque gear ratio to power through tough overgrown grass and weeds. With features like rubber front and rear handgrips, and weighing just 13.9 pounds, it is designed for superior comfort without sacrificing productivity or power. The two-stage air filtration system dramatically increases the cleaning capability and allows for longer maintenance intervals. When maintenance is due, the air filters are easy to access without using tools, making maintenance a breeze. The fuel tank holds up to 24 fluid ounces of fuel, extending the runtime between fill-ups and decreasing the downtime caused by refueling. The bellows-style fuel transfer system ensures the engine starts quickly and efficiently, especially when re-starting in hot, dusty climates. The Speed-Feed® 500 head reloads in seconds without disassembly, significantly reducing downtime.


  • 30.5 CC Professional-Grade, 2-Stroke Engine for Outstanding Performance and Durability
  • 2:1 High-Torque Gear Ratio to Power Through Tough Overgrown Grass and Weeds
  • The Rubber Front and Rear Hand Grips Deliver Extreme User Comfort
  • The Two-Stage Air Filtration System Dramatically Increases Cleaning Capability and Allows for Longer Maintenance Intervals
  • Tool-Less Access Air Filtration System for Easy and Convenient In-Field Servicing
  • The Large 24 Fl. Oz. Fuel Tank Extends the Run Time Between Fill-Ups
  • The Bellows-Style Fuel Transfer System Provides for Easy Start-Ability, Especially for Restarts in Hot, Dusty Climates
  • The Speed-Feed® 500 Head Reloads in Seconds Without Disassembly
  • 5-Year Consumer/2 Year Commercial Warranty

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